Smoke on the Water

Hot Rodders in Paradise - Spring 2020


Join us on a high sea hot rod extravaganza! HotRodCon is a hot rodder's convention like no other! Sail the beautiful, warm seas while enjoying your hot rod friends and learning about your ride while meeting new hot rodder friends. Our goal is to show you the time of your life since this is your vacation and we want you to have a ton of fun and make all kinds of wonderful memories!  


Our automotive high seas cruises have earned a strong following and an excellent reputation of being more fun than most can handle...but that never stops us from coming up with new and more exciting things to do and partake of! We always continue to add and refine our cool cruises so you can bet we will always be bigger and better sailing after sailing!

 Although the most of our "hot rod pirates" are hard-core, died in the wool hot rodder's...all hot rod enthusiasts are invited! Bring your friends and family on board for our "stuffed to the gills" good time fun! 

Here's the deal - we love hot rods, hot rodder's and we love to have fun! 
COME SAIL AWAY WITH US - "Smoke on the Water" Spring 2020



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